Over the past three years, together with yoga teacher Kathryn Davies, Susan has been leading an innovative series of workshops, YogaWrite, in Cardiff and beyond, including the Uncivilisation Festival and YogaFest West Wales.

YogaWrite encourages participants to connect with their authentic writing voice by using yoga techniques, including postures, breath work, meditation and visualisation, as a source of inspiration.

No previous experience is necessary – anyone with an interest in yoga and/or writing is welcome. Yoga mats and blankets are provided – just bring a notebook and pen.

Please contact Susan for details of the next workshops.


Comments from past YogaWrite participants:

Safety, relaxation, stimulation and creativity – congrats!

Such a stimulating morning!

I feel the major plus was having time and space and the special crucible that you both created to come more into my body and discover what I was feeling at some depth.

The interlinking of breathing and postures with writing was so helpful but without you both being warm, empathetic and ‘yourselves’, I wouldn’t have relaxed and got into it all as I did.