Poetry Walks, a project that Susan has developed alongside fellow poet-performer Emily Hinshelwood, is a blend of wild and inspirational landscapes, enjoyable exercise and pauses for poems that move, soothe and amuse!

In their mission to move poetry readings out of the classroom and arts centre and into the fresh air, Susan and Emily have led a range of walks in Wales, the West Country and beyond, with plenty of stops for participants to enjoy performances of their landscape-inspired poems en route. They have particularly enjoyed their many summer bookings, including the Uncivilisation and Wilderness Festivals.

Susan also leads solo Poetry Walks. In July 2014, she was poet-in-residence at the Dylan Thomas Boathouse in Laugharne and offered two peripatetic poetry events. Audience members joined her for a wander through Laugharne’s woody and watery fringes where she performed poems on environmental and wildlife themes, wilderness and metamorphosis from her published collections. In the process, they experienced for themselves how listening to poetry can change according to whether one is indoors or in a wilder outdoor setting.

If you have any questions or would like to book a Poetry Walk, please get in touch.