It’s been a busy and interesting week. Most of my Cardiff University workshop teaching has got underway again (though the online creative writing course starts next week instead) and I’ve also resumed my one-to-one mentoring after a few weeks’ break over the Christmas/New Year period. As usual, I’ve got a lovely mix of experienced students and those who are taking a creative writing course for the first time.

I’ve also been making progress with Up There Where the Air is Rarefied, my poetry/art collaboration with printmaker Pat Gregory. After a successful exhibition at Oriel Canfas here in Cardiff last September, we’re looking both to take the work to other galleries and to develop some new pieces. I feel quite pleased about having got quite a lot of writing done this week and Pat and I are going to get together later today to chat about our progress.

On a more frivolous note, I’ve started my second term of tap dancing – this is something I’ve wanted to do for years, ever since I was first entranced by Fred ‘n’ Ginger and Gene Kelly musicals as a child, and last October, I thought it was about time I did something about it. My brain and feet are not always entirely in sync yet, but I still love every moment of the classes!

8 responses to “A Busy Week

  1. Mistlethrush – it’s not too late to reconsider your belly dancing decision!

    Daisy-Winifred – lovely to see you here again 🙂 I’m lusting after the sequined top hat and tails that some members of the tap dancing class are wearing for their basic beginners’ routine in a dance schools show at (would you believe!) St David’s Hall in a few weeks’ time. I can’t take part as I’ve got to run a workshop but am determined to keep the weekend free next year. They’ve got spangly canes too!

    Sue and Michelle – hey there! Thanks for visiting again.

  2. Oh good to hear that your work with Pat continues to grow Ilook forward to the exhibition coming to Swansea:0) Laughed at loud at Hoopers obedience show on the sands, sounds so familiar.
    So is it top hat and tails or slinky sequined number with matching gold tap shoes?!

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