I’m really thrilled to hear that I’ve had some work accepted for what promises to be a delicious new anthology of literary non-fiction, A Wilder Vein, edited by Linda Cracknell and due to be published by Two Ravens Press in November this year. Some of my favourite writers (Margaret Elphinstone and Sara Maitland) are also included in the anthology and another favourite, Robert Macfarlane, is writing the Foreword.

Here’s the pre-publication info about the anthology from the Two Ravens Press website:

An anthology of new literary non-fiction that focuses on the relationship between people and the wild places of the British Isles: writing which animates a connection between humanity and the natural world where it is not obviously dominated by the human presence. Writing that articulates a discovery; a new way of seeing; an emotional response; a meditation on a place or who we are as people in a wild world. The anthology is edited by Linda Cracknell (collections of short fiction: Life Drawing, The Searching Glance). Robert Macfarlane (author of Mountains of the Mind and The Wild Places) has provided a Foreword.

Contributors include Raja Shehadeh, Sara Maitland, Andrew Greig, Margaret Elphinstone, Gerry Loose, Mandy Haggith, Neil Hegarty, Lisa Samson, Alison Grant, Lesley Harrison, Marco Daane, Katharine Macrae, Michelle Cotter, Jane Alexander, Judith Thurley and Susan Richardson.

ISBN 978-1-906120-43-6; £10.99 Publication date November 2 2009

14 responses to “A Wilder Vein

  1. Thanks, Michelle.

    And thanks so much, CGP, for enjoying the 'Ouroboros' poems. I'm v. happy my work was included and will eventually get around to writing a blog post about it!

    Daisy-W – I need to re-read 'A Book of Silence' too. Have also got a much lengthened Must Read list as a result!

  2. Oh yes I noticed Sarah Maitland was in there too, another reason for a grand birthday pressy:0)

    Yes I finished her 'A Book of Silence' and in fact am on my second reading of it as I found much to ponder in the first reading and decided I needed to read it again as I guessed, correctly, I'd fnd more in a second reading.

    I really enjoyed the book, though some of it made me wince, but generally I thought she had argued her case clearly and in a lively entertaining way without losing intellectual rigour.

    Set up quite a few questions in my own life which is always a plus when I read a book and led me to other reading which has added to my 'to read' list.

  3. Hazardgal – thank you! And congratulations on your short story collection! When is the publication date? I've just received the new Envoi – hope yours will arrive soon.

    Thanks to you, Morgan, too.

    And Rhys!

    And Daisy-W! I'm particularly excited about Sara Maitland being in the anthology, having enjoyed her Book of Silence so much. Have you finished reading it?

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