Have done two slots this week as an after-dinner poet at Rotary Club meetings in and around Cardiff. I enjoyed both events and sold lots more copies of Creatures!

At the St. Mellons Hotel last night, in particular, I had a very warm and enthusiastic vote of thanks – the speaker said it was the first time he’d heard of a poet being invited to perform at a Rotary meeting in his twenty-five years of membership of the organisation. He added that the wait had been far too long and that there should definitely be more of the same at future Rotary events.

How wonderful if after-dinner poetry could some day supersede speeches…

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  1. Well I think after-dinner poetry is a wonderful idea, interspersed with a little banter. I love to do that! And, as you said, it could be good for book sales too.
    I think I’ll put an ad in the local paper…

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