I was once again one of the guests on the BBC Radio Wales newspaper-discussion show, Something Else, yesterday. Sadly, we didn’t get to chat about anything literary this time, but there was still lots of lively discussion on topics ranging from Michelle Obama to organic vegetables, from Methodism to the credit crunch, from male voice choirs to One Hundred Things To Do Before You Die!

You can read more about the format of the show in an earlier post on this blog.

2 responses to “Another Something Else Sunday

  1. We know approximately half of the topics in advance – a few days before the programme. Then we spend a few hours before the show going through the papers and selecting the rest of the topics so there isn’t really any time to prepare for those particular subjects. This can indeed be quite scary as there’s no knowing what the other guests want to talk about – often a subject I don’t really have much knowledge on! But then my (frequently) literary choice of subjects sometimes bamboozles the other guests too!

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