So, the Polar Poets (Siobhan Logan and I) headed north this past weekend to perform Arctic-ulate, our multi-media poetry show, at Manchester Science Festival.

We were lucky to be performing in the Historic Reading Room of the John Rylands Library – a magnificent cathedral-like space with stained glass windows at each end and superb acoustics. Though I’d had a frenetic week in the lead-up to the event, and the Cardiff to Manchester train journey wasn’t exactly the most relaxing experience of my life, the gig itself ran super-smoothly.

We had lots of time in the space for our pre-show set-up and run-through (see photo!), and there was a helpful and efficient team on hand to assist with any technical issues. As for the audience – well, I’m still a tad dazed and amazed at the fact that the show was a sell-out. Everyone was so focused and attentive – they bought books, asked questions at the end…we really couldn’t have asked for more.

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