Really enjoyed performing as guest poet at St. James Wine Vaults in Bath last night. Shared half an hour’s worth of poems from ‘Creatures of the Intertidal Zone’ with an appreciative and knowledgeable audience and sold a pleasing number of copies!

There was an open mic too – a whole range of poetry was read from an atmospheric sequence on the rivers of Hades to haiku to translations of classical Greek women’s poems (must buy this anthology – lots of new discoveries for me) to performance poetry driven by rhythm and patterns of sound. I was reminded of the monthly poetry evening I used to go to when I lived in Adelaide – Friendly Street, Australia’s longest-running community poetry reading. I used to love the democracy of those evenings – the fact that there were no age or gender barriers, no political or aesthetic biases. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to try things out there – to find out if poems were working – in a mutually supportive and encouraging environment.

I’ve got quite a few more readings coming up in the next couple of weeks – five more, I think. Starting with the Imperial Hotel in Merthyr on Thursday!

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