Shockingly, it’s taken me nearly a week to get around to writing about the opening of Up There Where the Air is Rarefied, my collaboration with visual artist Pat Gregory, at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse.

It was a lovely evening – the venue was brimful of people, both friends and strangers alike; food was consumed; tea and wine were drunk; Pat and I gave a brief talk about our collaboration and I also performed a selection of the exhibited poems.

The exhibition is on at the Teahouse throughout the month of February. On Sunday 21st, Pat and I will be performing there again at a special ‘afternoon tea with poetry’ event. Bookings are now being taken – if you’re interested in coming along, please do contact the venue to reserve a table as places are limited. Afternoon tea will be served from 3.30 pm onwards and the poetry extravaganza is scheduled to begin at 4!

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos – not very good ones, as I was a bit too preoccupied with everyone else to focus on taking many pics – but I hope they at least give a flavour of the how the just-hung work looked in the venue before everyone started to arrive and of how jolly the gathering was!

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  1. I hope you can post the pics of his art sometime. Please let me know when you do as I tend to stray from my blog now. I painted a picture in response to a poem in a college Reverse Ekprasis project. It was challenging but very evocative.

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