Should anyone happen to be in Bristol tomorrow evening, and feeling in need of a bit of poetry plus some poetry-inspired chat, I’m going to be the guest at Between the Lines at Circles Bookshop in Bedminster.

Between the Lines is a poetry reading with a difference, as once I’ve done my performance stuff in the first half of the evening, there’ll be an interview section, hosted by poet and event organiser Trevor Carter. I’ve been asked to select five ‘Desert Island’ poems or other pieces of writing (how to whittle so many favourites down to just five?) and chat about my inspirations and motivations.

Circles Bookshop is at 65 North St, Bedminster BS3 1ES and the event’s due to start at 8.15 pm. It would be lovely to see you there!

2 responses to “Between the Lines

  1. That's an interesting thought. I think I go through phases of feeling very chatty and eager to engage in conversation and then periods when I don't really want to communicate verbally very much at all! Fortunately, Friday evening coincided with a chatty phase!

  2. Best of luck on the reading and chat. Read somewhere that many writers are dreadful at conversation. Hence, we write to overcome our shortcomings. Wonder if you think that is true. It is not true of me, but I do tend to put my foot in my mouth.

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