To celebrate World Environment Day tomorrow, I’ve been invited to do an ecopoetry performance, along with fellow poet Emily Hinshelwood, at IKEA in Cardiff! It’s at 2 pm and we’ll be in the Living Room Department so people will hopefully be persuaded to have a break from shopping and sprawl on the sofas while they listen!

Tomorrow’s performance is part of the aMuse with IKEA project, developed by Oxford Muse. As the co-ordinators of the project indicate, the aim is ‘to transcend the frontier between the consumer society and culture. We wish to enable shoppers to discover new interests and new kinds of people whom they would not normally meet. The IKEA store thus becomes a new kind of community centre.’

I love the idea of poetry popping up in unexpected places – it’ll be interesting to see what the reaction is. I’ll be performing poems from Creatures of the Intertidal Zone and possibly some brand-new ecopoems too, so if you happen to be in the area, do come along!

6 responses to “Ecopoetry at IKEA!

  1. I have to say, Susan,I think it's hysterical (in a good way) how you are getting your work out there in such unusual places. Although I'll be far from Cardiff, I will tell you that probably the only thing that could ever get me to set foot in an Ikea again is the prospect of seeing you read your poetry in "the living room." I love your poetry, but Ikea pushes me a little too close to nervous breakdown-land 🙂 Hope it goes well!

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