Friday’s ecopoetry gig in ‘the living room’ at IKEA went very well! I’d expected it to be really difficult to persuade passing shoppers to listen – imagined lots of empty sofas and people zipping by with trolleys while I valiantly, and not a little desperately, ploughed on through my poems. But quite a few shoppers did actually stop, plonk themselves down on a sofa and tune in! Some even bought copies of Creatures of the Intertidal Zone to take away with them!

This weekend I’ve got another ecopoetry gig coming up – at the Leamington Peace Festival in Leamington Spa. Most of the other performers are bands/musicians, I think, so it would be great if you can come along and support a poetry event! I’m on between 1.55 and 2.30pm on Saturday 13th on the bandstand.

4 responses to “Ecopoetry Galore!

  1. Thanks, everyone!

    I've never been to Leamington, Caroline – not sure if I'll have time to explore beyond the Festival site unfortunately.

    I don't think any IKEA people recognised me from Chelsea, Carol. (But I was walking in Hyde Park on the day after doing the show and a woman came up to me and said 'I saw you on the telly last night!' It gave me quite a shock!)

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