I feel so lucky to have been asked to take part in the Radio 4 travel programme, Excess Baggage, this morning, to talk about a subject that’s very close to my heart – the joys of wintry landscapes and the ways in which they impact on my writing. Margaret Elphinstone, a writer whom I much admire and who shares my love of Arctic and sub-Arctic locations, was also interviewed by presenter John McCarthy.

If you’re interested in listening, you can access the programme here.

2 responses to “Excess Baggage

  1. I loved hearing you and Margaret Elphinstone talking on that show.

    I cast on a shawl in Shetland Unspun yarn and made a radio feature for a show I work on, featuring snowy sounds and the sound of the wintry wind.

    Thanks for helping me to discover a love of snow again; I wrote about it here.

    Thanks again, it was very inspiring.

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