Just a quick post, before I head off to run today’s workshop, to announce the publication of Exposure (Cinnamon Press), an anthology of microfiction and prose poetry, edited by Cinnamon’s founding editor, Jan Fortune-Wood, and Holly Howitt.

I’m very happy to have a piece included in the anthology, alongside writers such as Angela France, Gail Ashton (with whom I edited Cinnamon’s narrative poetry anthology, In the Telling), Frank Dullaghan and Wendy Klein.

Here’s some Exposure blurb from Cinnamon’s website:

Exposure is an exciting anthology of prose poetry and microfiction selected by Holly Howitt and Jan Fortune-Wood from over 1,000 writers in Wales the UK and across the globe. Ranging across love, loss, hate, journeys and other oddities these finely written pieces constantly surprise, delight and challenge. With a powerful title piece from Bill Trüb this is an innovative anthology full of difference.

Hope you’ll be inspired to buy a copy and delve in!

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