Here are a couple of pics from Monday evening’s launch of Fanfare (Splash Point Records), the new CD of my namesake, jazz vocalist and trumpeter Sue Richardson, for which I’d written some of the lyrics.

It was such a memorable evening – great venue (Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho) and a fantastic celebratory atmosphere. Sue’s Quintet, plus special saxophonist guests, Alan Barnes and Robert Fowler, who plays with the Humphrey Lyttelton Band, gave a storming performance, of which the above photo gives only a flavour.

In the photo below, Sue is surrounded by her three lyricists from the CD – Annette Keen, Matt Henkes and me!

Fanfare’s already received a very positive review in The Observer, while acclaimed jazz musician Liane Carroll has this to say:

A beautiful sophisticated collection of great original songs (all of which would be at home in any ‘standards’ book) effortlessly played and sung with an assured passion and wonderful sound.

Sue’s got a gig in Wales next month so I’m looking forward to meeting up with her again then. And hopefully there’ll be time afterwards to chat about some of the other collaborative projects we’ve got simmering away too.

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