Went to a hugely inspiring concert, celebrating nature, the environment and, more specifically, birds, in Bristol last night. The first half featured a chamber orchestra, The Emerald Ensemble, playing live music as an accompaniment to several short wildlife documentaries. One piece of music incorporated the ‘Soundbeam’, an electronic device which enables recorded sounds such as birdsong to be manipulated by movements on the stage and incorporated into the live performance. Curlews, greenshanks and sandpipers thereby nestled in with the strings and woodwind – it was fascinating!

In the second half, the wonderful Pindrop Club, an acoustic roots band, showcased a whole range of bird-inspired songs, some of them traditional (e.g. from the Appalachians) but most of them their own compositions. Beautiful vocals, lovely harmonies and a whole range of unusual instruments, including some hand-crafted string instruments (a violin made from an olive oil tin and a double bass made from a Cadbury’s Heroes tin!)

I’m writing a lot of bird poems at the moment – not conventional nature poems by any means – and last night’s invigorating and occasionally quirky concert is likely to inspire some more…

2 responses to “Festival of Birds

  1. Work-in-progress is out of sight for now 🙂 I want to do some crafting and honing before I let them out into the big wide world…

    Thank you for visiting and posting. You’re such a blog pioneer – I’ve only just caught up with it 🙂

  2. So, will we get to see any of these draft poems or is work in progress out of sight save at your early hour before breakfast time:0)

    The concert sounds wonderful, the Pindrop band looks great – went to their web site… so you going to their concert in West Wales then:0)

    Thirty poems, more than enough for a chap book!

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