So I’ve lost my blogging virginity.

After reading umpteen writers’ blogs over the past few years, I’ve finally committed to writing my own.

I’m curious to know who (if anyone!) is going to read it. Way back in the nineties, when I wrote my MA dissertation on women’s diaries, I pondered long and hard about the issue of audience/readership, the conflict between the personal and private, the fact that Katherine Mansfield’s journal (for example), published posthumously, became a bestseller, when she’d previously insisted that what she was writing was ‘really private’ and for her eyes alone.

But this blog isn’t a private journal. It won’t replace the diary I’ve kept for going-on thirty years. Instead, I’m hoping it will contain thoughts on my work-in-progress and the writing process; responses to writing prompts; info and calls for submissions that may be useful to other writers; comments on books I’m reading; environmental snippets; news about my readings/performances; rejections and acceptances; the downs and ups of the writing life…

(There will also be semi-colons.)

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