Another nice bit of publication news. The winter quarterly issue of Haibun Today contains one of my recent haibun from a small collection I’m working on about European Book Towns. I’ve visited seven so far over the past decade, from Hay-on-Wye here in Wales to Wigtown in Scotland to Fjaerland in Norway to Damme in Flanders.

It’ll probably be another decade before I feel I’ve got enough material for even a small pamphlet, but at least this gives me the opportunity to become more practised at writing haibun – a form I’ve really grown to enjoy – over a lengthy period of time!

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  1. Great. I just started to write some haiku after a very long hiatus (even got a few accepted for publication!) and found that they really do take on their own rhythm. I wrote one then another and they kept coming, somehow linked to each other. Different than with other forms. I'll need to try my hand at a haibun sometime.

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