My writing students have had a break this week because the venue where I hold the classes shuts for half-term. This has meant more writing time for me – and I’ve finally-finally-finally made a breakthrough with the sequence of poems (on the cheery theme of extinction) that I’ve been working on since October. I’ve been struggling with one poem in particular and though I’m still far from satisfied with what I’ve written, there’s definitely been some progress over the past few days.

Otherwise, there’s been the usual admin to keep on top of, applications to work on, festivals to contact for Polar Poets bookings, plus one of my regular slots on Something Else, the BBC Radio Wales Sunday lunchtime show, chatting about the news of the week and stories from the papers.

This coming Sunday is my afternoon tea and poetry event at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, accompanying the art/poetry exhibition, Up There Where the Air is Rarefied, that I’ve been involved in with printmaker Pat Gregory and which is on show at the Teahouse until the end of the month. All tables have now been booked – people will be tucking into sandwiches, scones and cakes from 3.30pm, I’ll be performing at 4 and Pat will be talking about our collaborative process too. I’m really looking forward to it – cake and poetry is such a great combination!

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