I’m back from my five days’ retreat on the north coast of Norfolk. I picked this area because I’d never been there before and really knew very little about it other than it was likely to be peaceful and would hopefully offer good coastal walks, wildlife-spotting opportunities and big skies!

And wasn’t it wonderful! I walked for miles every day, visited Cley Marshes Nature Reserve (the highlight was seeing spoonbills and marsh harriers), saw common and grey seals on Blakeney Point, read two novels and two collections of poetry and managed to squeeze in some writing time too.

Have come home feeling refreshed and revitalised and brimming with new poem ideas – it was wonderful to have the time and space in which to think and allow those ideas to swim to the surface. Just wish I could have stayed there for longer…

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  1. Great combination, Carol – wildlife and poets – makes me want to go back again too!

    Enjoyed hearing about your 1987 trip to Norfolk, Rhys. Did you take lots of photos? I had great difficulty getting good photos of the seals because of the up-and-down movement of the boat!

  2. It sounds like you had a profitable and inspiring reatreat! We spent a holiday there in 1987 with Christina's sister and her family before the arrival of our boys. We went on the seal trip from Blakeney and walked for hours – there's a special atmosphere in that region!

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