Was up in London again on Saturday to do an ecopoetry reading – a selection of poems from Creatures of the Intertidal Zone – at Housmans Radical Bookshop, just round the corner from King’s Cross. What a wonderful venue and what a fantastic programme of talks, readings and music they offer – often two events a week!

Here’s some blurb on the shop from the website:

Housmans Bookshop continues to see its role as it has since its foundation. Whilst acknowledging its roots in the peace movement – and, specifically, in the radical pacifist end of the movement – it aims to be a broad-based, non-sectarian shop, encouraging the dissemination of a wide range of progressive and alternative ideas. As the shop’s founders recognised, opposing injustice and oppression and the degradation of our planet are prerequisites of a more peaceful society.

And here’s some info on what they stock:

  • Wide coverage of politics, political theory, peace studies, and world current affairs.
  • Material about – and in support of – campaigns for peace, the environment, human rights, sexual freedom, equitable and sustainable development, and a great deal more.
  • General fiction and non-fiction.
  • Many hard-to-find radical publications – and we can obtain most books to order within a few days.

As well as really enjoying the reading, I went to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich beforehand, specifically to see the North-West Passage exhibition that had just opened. As an Arctic obsessive, I was in my element viewing old maps and expedition artefacts like tins of now-mouldy pemmican, ships’ biscuits and letters from Lady Jane Franklin to her missing husband….

I’m sure that, in time, my visit will spark some new poems for Up There Where the Air is Rarefied, the North-inspired collaboration I’m still involved in with visual artist, Pat Gregory. Hope to return to the exhibition before it closes in January too.

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  1. Thank you for listening to Saturday Live, Caroline! I’ll hopefully be getting round to blogging about it later today. Hope you both had a great Saturday in Hay.

    Hello Hazardgal – I really enjoyed your off-the-wall comment! Yes, I know the movie you mentioned. Paul Robeson is much revered here in Wales because of his support for, and alliance with, the miners – there was a major touring exhibition about him here a few years ago.

  2. This is off-the-wall but I saw an old movie last night called Proud Valley about coal miners in Wales. It had Paul Robeson, an African-American singer/actor. Made in 1940and it refers to Hitler’s antics. What a gem of a movie! I believe they show Cardiff. Wondered if you have seen this one?

  3. Lovely to see you yesterday. We keep saying how we wish the talk had been longer.

    How strange … Housmans and Housman in quick succession?

    Thinking of you as the deadline approaches.

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