Thrilled to get the latest issue of Mslexia through the post today. It contains a feature on Cinnamon Press and Creatures of the Intertidal Zone is one of only three Cinnamon titles to be featured! Here’s what poet, critic and editor Helena Nelson has to say:

“Susan Richardson’s Creatures of the Intertidal Zone offers a marvellously different blend of passion, pathos, poetry – and penguins. Settings contrast dramatically, shifting from Scandinavia via the Antarctic to the shopping aisles in Tesco. In ‘Never Forgets’, elephants take a glorious revenge on humanity: ‘Your door caves in:/they storm straight to your piano/and tear out its teeth/without anaesthetic./ One by one.'”

A great start to the day.

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  1. Enjoyed the image of elephants crashing in and delicately extracting teeth. I might share that with my dentist. But I don’t want to give him any ideas about the pain killers or the nitrous. I’m always telling him to turn it up.

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