The third issue of the beautifully produced Ouroboros Review is now online and I’m very happy to have three poems included in it. Other poets who feature in this edition include John Siddique, Michelle McGrane, Denise Duhamel and my fellow Cinnamon Press poet Louisa Adjoa Parker.

6 responses to “Ouroboros Review – Issue 3

  1. Thank you for pointing us in the direction of the journal. In answer to your question, not specifically island-orientated (we spent the greater part of the time on terra firma!); but I travelled with 'The Tree House' in hand (I love Jamie's vision of the Scottish coast) , and feel – fairly – sure that my own sea themes will crystallize in due course. We loved watching a dolphin through binoculars, but felt the harbour seals off Northumbria were almost too tame for their own good…

    Have a great retreat!

  2. Great to read your poems, Susan, and to find you on the back page, too. A really smart web journal (ezine sounds too casual, I think, in this instance).

    Had to laugh at the word verification … just right for me (well, almost):



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