A couple of days ago I received my contributor’s copy of “Poems and Love and Longing”, published by Pont Books, an imprint of Gomer Press. It’s a beautifully designed little hardback anthology, comprising the work of just ten poets. I’m thrilled that I was commissioned to contribute a sequence of poems alongside Owen Sheers, Gillian Clarke and several other writers whose work I’ve long admired. I opted to focus on love of place/the quest for home/ my fascination and long-term relationship with the sub-arctic and arctic.

Here’s what editor Viv Sayer writes in her Preface:

‘It is an anthology which ranges widely across love in all its guises, as each contributor brings a fresh and unique perspective to an age-old phenomenon…For Susan Richardson, dissatisfaction with the quality of Welsh snow leads to a wild and dangerous flirtation with the whiteness and purity of Norway. Like many a youthful passion, an early blaze leads to a rapid cooling and a realisation that perfection is illusory. The snow which dazzled in its initial brilliance is surprisingly shallow and quickly sullied by contact with real life…’

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