Susan’s second collection of poetry, Where the Air is Rarefied (Cinnamon Press, 2011), is the culmination of a long-term collaboration with printmaker Pat Gregory on environmental and mythological themes relating to the Far North. In the process of making the work, both poet and artist drew on a wide variety of sources, including Inuit Folk Tales, Icelandic Sagas and polar explorers’ narratives, as well as on their own travels in Northern, sub-Arctic and Arctic regions.


Reviews and endorsements:

The subject-matter of this collaboration builds on the concerns and subjects of Susan Richardson’s previous volume, Creatures of the Intertidal Zone, but the interplay with visual art has stimulated a new freedom and experiment with language…pushing her work well beyond her previous comfort zones and…marking her emergence into a new breadth and vividness of voice, a new stage in her life as a poetpoet Philip Gross

This beautiful and skilfully crafted book is not a collection of Susan Richardson’s poems with illustrations tacked on by printmaker, Pat Gregory. The poems and prints are in partnership, forming a creative duet based on the memories of two travellers. They form an ode to what the creators have seen, learnt and loved in the northern, subarctic and Arctic regions, also influenced by Inuit folk tales, Icelandic sagas and the accounts of polar explorers.

This is a book to savour through the eye of the flesh and the mind. Dip in at random and explore the deeps and shallowsThis is a collaboration of joy and sorrow. It is thought provoking, demanding to be read again a review from, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council. Read the full review here.