Reading Number Six in this unprecedentedly busy week of poetry gigs was on Tuesday evening at the Kitchen Garden Café in Birmingham. What a wonderful venue – it combines a small garden centre with an organic café , deli and intimate performance space. It also offers a full and varied programme of cultural events including cabaret and storytelling nights, as well as Poetry Bites, hosted and brilliantly organised by Jacqui Rowe, at which I was this month’s guest poet.

Both new and long-established poets (including Julie Boden) took part in the open mic section of the evening and there was a great variety of tones and styles to enjoy.

There was also carrot, courgette and cranberry cake to enjoy in the interval as an accompaniment to the signing and selling of books!

6 responses to “Poetry Bites

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Yes, I do remember both you and your poem! Thank you for finding me here! Hope your writing is continuing to go well – are you submitting work to journals, competitions etc?

    Hope I get a chance to sample the pineapple turnover sometime. I don’t think I even spotted that one – sounds delicious 🙂

  2. Hi Susan,

    Only just caught up with your website. I read at the Poetry Bites evening. You probably don’t remember, I did a piece around a “re-creation myth” in the first half- you wrote some complementary comments about it in the book I bought from you in the interval- for which many thanks.

    I’m still enjoying “Creatures of the Intertidal zone- well worth repeat reading !

    Good to run into your virtual self…….I’m still struggling towards elusive publication so any ideas would be welcomed.

    Meanwhile, see you next time around ! (Ps: I had the pineapple turnover !)

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