Poetry Walks is my newest project – a blend of inspirational landscapes, enjoyable exercise and pauses for poems that move, soothe and amuse! Together with performance poet Emily Hinshelwood, I’m aiming to move poetry out of the classroom, pub and arts centre and into the fresh air!

Emily and I are available to lead a range of circular walks in Wales and the West Country with plenty of stops for participants to enjoy performances of our landscape-inspired poems en route.

In the weeks/months ahead, I’ll add dates of our forthcoming Poetry Walks, as well as information about the routes we’ll be following. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please get in touch!

11 responses to “Poetry Walks

  1. Love the idea and am sure it should be taken up by walking festivals. There are lots of walking groups now given the impetus for walking for health. I know there has been funding for such groups to set up etc so maybe feeding mind and body with poetry walks would appeal to that kind of group and funding:0) Here we have a Healthy Living Trust which is trying to approach the whole subject holisitically I believe. I think this has come out of funding from a health campaign maybe the Sened would be place to look for funding:0)
    Look forward to the Poetry Dog walks:0)

  2. Caroline, thank you – that’s a great idea. We’ve been talking quite a lot about accessibility (and wondered about incorporating a section of the Taff Trail) but hadn’t got as far as considering if DAC might be interested! So many thanks for suggesting it!

  3. Thanks Coastcard, Sue and Michelle for the encouragement! We’re excited about the idea and are contacting both Literary Festivals and Walking Festivals at the moment to see if there’s any interest.

    (The red jumper is an old favourite of mine, Michelle! I bought it in Ireland quite a few years ago now and putting it on never fails to make me feel cheery!)

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