On Friday last week, writer and performer Siobhan Logan, author of the wonderful Arctic-inspired poetry collection, Firebridge to Skyshore, came to visit me in Cardiff. We first met at the Polyverse Poetry Festival at the University of Loughborough back in July and shared out mutual obsession with all things Arctic whenever there was a brief gap in the programme.

Since then, we’ve exchanged a few emails about the possibility of collaborating on a polar poetry project, so it was wonderful to meet again in person last week and start to give shape to some of our ideas. Over lunch (very appropriately, in the Norwegian Church Arts Centre, one of my favourite Cardiff landmarks), we talked about putting together a polar-themed performance, discussed possible sources of funding and also came up with a list of organisations from which we’ll aim to seek bookings.

There’s lots more planning to do in the weeks ahead of course – we have to put a proposal together and, crucially, come up with a zingy name for the project (like finding an apt title for a poem, this is going to be so hard to get ‘right’). I really hope all our planning will pay off and I’ll be able to write another polar poetry blog post in a few months’ time with news of bookings for the spring!

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