Very much enjoyed my time at the Polyverse Poetry Festival at the University of Loughborough on Saturday. I was glad to be scheduled to read with Angela France whose excellent collection, Occupation, has recently been published, and whom I met for the first time when I was guest poet at Buzzwords in Cheltenham last year. It was great to hear a full set from Sally Clark too, another Buzzwords poet, and a huge pleasure to catch up with Gail Ashton, with whom I edited In the Telling, after so many months of phone and email communication!

Another highlight was meeting Sue Guiney, whom I’ve got to know via blogging and Facebook over the past year, for the first time. Her wonderful play-in-poetry, Dreams of May, was performed late on Saturday afternoon and it got a justifiably enthusiastic response from the audience. So many of the play’s images, both verbal and visual, have stayed with me since I left the Festival.

Last but by no means least, was the opportunity to chat with poet Siobhan Logan, a fellow Arctic enthusiast and traveller. I’m really looking forward to reading her collection, Firebridge to Skyshore: A Northern Lights Journey, in the days ahead.

Regrets? That Carol Thistlethwaite wasn’t able to make it. And that I wasn’t able to be at the Festival on Sunday too – had to get home to Wales by the end of Saturday to relieve the dog-sitter!

3 responses to “Polyverse Reflections

  1. Aww Ladies, you're cheering me up – thank you!
    I had planned to be there all weekend to enjoy both your works along with several others. I'd also booked a workshop and asked if I could visit a second one too (well I could only ask!). I find it useful to visit other creative writing tutors occasionally to pick up more good practice.
    Hope to meet you all at some point.

  2. It was so great to meet you, too (and so glad you liked the play!). And I was sorry I couldn't get to Sunday's events, though less so now that I know I didn't miss Carol Thistlethwaite after all. Hope to see you soon!

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