I’m really happy that my poetry postcard migraine bird, using a photo by Fernando de Sousa, has just been selected as one of the six winners in Postal Poetry’s September competition. I’m particularly chuffed because it was my first attempt at creating something like this and I’m not at all confident in, or experienced at, using Photoshop etc. This has inspired me to get more deeply into it, though – I’ve got the urge to create more poetry postcards now, using my own (albeit not very professional) photographs perhaps, rather than one of the suggested competition images.

The Postal Poetry site deserves a thorough exploration! Much of the archived work is breathtaking and really makes you think about what makes a good marriage between image and words.

9 responses to “Postal Poetry

  1. Thanks so much, sharanam, for enjoying this – and for linking to it from your blog. The Postal Poetry site, and project as a whole, is sadly no more, as you say. I'm not aware of the image being hosted anywhere else, I'm afraid. It's a real shame, as the project was so interesting 🙁

    Sending you good wishes.

  2. I love this and linked to it from my own blog…however it seems the Postal Poetry site is no longer? Do you have an image that I can link to the "migraine bird" hosted here or somewhere else? I'd really appreciate. Thanks for your work.

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