(Two posts with ‘raven’ in the title in the same week – entirely unplanned – quite a coincidence!)

Red Raven Circling is the evocative name of Morgan O’Donnell’s blog which features, in her own words, her ‘musings on nature, poetry, writing and the search for a sustainable life’.

Today, Morgan’s been kind enough to feature an interview with me about the writing of Creatures of the Intertidal Zone, the women poets I most enjoy reading and whether poetry can play a role in raising awareness of environmental issues; you can read our conversation here.

Do browse through the rest of the blog too – it’s a real treasure.

6 responses to “Red Raven Circling

  1. Thanks for enjoying the interview, CGP.

    Hazardgal – many thanks for the book recommendation.

    And Morgan – yes, I really hope we get a chance to meet and chat face-to-face some day! (I visited Texas, briefly, way back in the late eighties when I was at a U.S. Uni for a year!) Please let me know if you have any plans to visit Wales 🙂

  2. Susan, thanks for the kind words.

    I have enjoyed chatting with you and only wish that our interview could have taken place over coffee or wine face-to-face rather than virtually!

    Please let me know if you ever visit Texas.

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