This Saturday, November 12th, I will be reading extinction-themed poetry from Where the Air is Rarefied at Feral Theatre’s Funeral for the Great Auk on Poppit Sands, one of Pembrokeshire’s loveliest beaches.

The Funeral is one of many similar events that are taking place throughout the U.K and beyond, as part of the Remembrance for Lost Species project.

In addition to poetry about, and a specially-written eulogy for, the Great Auk, the North Atlantic seabird that was persecuted and finally hunted to extinction in the mid-nineteenth century, there will be singing and storytelling. The funeral will be followed by a wake at a nearby café.

If you happen to be in West Wales on Saturday, please do think about coming along to support the event. It’s due to get underway at 3.30 p.m.

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