Am just starting to unwind after a very busy, yet thoroughly exciting, weekend.

On Friday/Saturday, I was in London for another Radio 4 Saturday Live poetry gig. The studio guest was Laurence Shorter, author of The Optimist, so in response to this, my longer end-of-show poem took a light-hearted look at optimism, pessimism and the rather banal, chipper phrases that regularly get churned out to cheer people up. You can listen again to this poem and my top-of-the-show topical piece about our apparent emergence from the recession, along with the rest of the show here.

Back in Cardiff on Sunday, I fulfilled a lifelong ambition by taking part in a dance show – the annual Lord Mayor’s Matinée, to be precise – at St. David’s Hall. I’ve been learning to tap dance (albeit only a one-hour-per-week evening class) for the past eighteen months and I, and my fellow students, were required to perform a routine to ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’, wearing silky cowboy shirts and glittery stars-and-stripes cowboy hats (hmm…)

I was significantly more nervous doing this than I ever have been when doing a poetry gig – the auditorium is vast, the event was a sell-out and the choreographer of the number was rash enough to position me front centre stage so I had no-one in front of me to copy, should I forget my steps. I managed to shuffle and ball-change my way through it, though, and actually really enjoyed the whole experience. Definitely want to do it again next year!

3 responses to “Saturday (and Sunday) Live

  1. Caroline – I look forward to hearing more about your oil painting ventures.

    Sue – I wish I'd done tap as a kid! And yes, Jimmy Cagney's dance is fantastic. Wall flips are likely to be way beyond my capabilities for some time though…

  2. Tap dancing? that is so incredibly cool. I used to take tap as a kid and I've always loved it. And Jimmy Cagney's dance in Yankee Doodle is one of the best. You know the bit where he does a flip off the wall? I am so impressed that you're doing this…even if you're not doing wall flips yet!

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