Did my third Radio 4 Saturday Live slot this weekend. Fi Glover – back from maternity leave – was presenting this time – and the main studio guest was stem cell scientist Professor Anthony Hollander.

As usual, having to write and perform two new topical (and hopefully humorous!) poems to a very tight deadline turned out to be an enjoyable challenge. The topic for my short top-of-the-show poem was the the G2o summit, while my second, longer, poem, written in response to two of the stories covered in the programme, attempted to yoke together Madonna and Nelson Mandela.

Saturday Live has a brand-new website where you can listen again to the most recent show and check out the gallery of photos. There’s also an archive site where you can access all the poems that have been previously written and performed on the programme.

3 responses to “Saturday Live Again

  1. Hello Coastcard – don’t think I showed any kind of aplomb (it’a lovely word though!)

    I’m hoping the poems will still be archived, Mistlethrush – as far as I’m aware, there are plans to do this, as the new website continues to be developed.

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