Two radio gigs this week – the first being Something Else, the look-through-the-papers-and-discuss-the-week’s-news show for Radio Wales on Sunday. I love the unpredictability of this programme – the fact that it’s live, that you never know how successful the mix of guests (there are always three of us) will be, and also that you might end up having to hold forth on a subject about which you actually know very little! Veteran political journalist Patrick Hannan guides us through the show really well though.

Then this morning I enjoyed another resident poet slot on Radio 4’s Saturday Live. As was the case back in May, I performed my two new topical poems down the line from the BBC studio in Cardiff. It was a shame not to have been in London as the programme’s guest was wildlife filmmaker and natural history guru Simon King, whom I would have loved to meet!

This time, my short top-of-the-show poem was about the speculation surrounding the Ashes, Flintoff’s injured knee and the England cricket team’s dismal performance on the first day of the Headingley Test yesterday. For my final, longer poem towards the end of the show, I came up with a Simon King/Springwatch piece. If you’re interested, you can listen again to the programme on the Saturday Live website.

2 responses to “Saturday Live and Something Else

  1. Heard you on both shows. Thought you floored the other members of the group on Sunday with your total lack of interest in the 'look' of someone…you were the woman you are supposed to be interested , need this to be important; it made me smile. What was really good was it was obviously a live programme and you were all interacting in the moment. The facebook 'question' was interesting with two of you actually positive because of a mutual exploration of words through the site. I have to admit I sometimes find Patrick Hannan's direction a little too directed to a conclusion he seems to have in mind from the beginning, not a lot of flying by the seat of his pants but then it is Radio Wales:0)

    The 'Springwatch poem was grand, made me laugh out loud at the Bill Oddy 'question; I still marvel that you are able to compose something as resonant of the moment. I actually think that something has been lost by the poets not being in the studio with the rest of the crew but glad we haven't lost your poems.

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