Did another Radio 4 Saturday Live slot this past weekend. This time, I performed my poems ‘down the line’ from a BBC Wales studio here in Cardiff instead of travelling up to London – all the poets are apparently going to be using their local studios from now on so that the Beeb can save some money. It felt very different performing on my own in a tiny cupboard of a studio – yes, it was still live radio, but the frisson of excitement that comes from being live in the studio with presenter Fi Glover and whoever the guest of the week happens to be was missing. Still very much enjoyed it though!

My choice of theme for the short top-of-the-show poem inspired by one of the major news stories of the week was obvious – the Ruth Padel/Derek Walcott Oxford Poetry Professor shenanigans. The second, longer poem in response to one of the topics covered in the show proved to be trickier. Fi conducted a lengthy interview with Lynndie England who was one of several military personnel convicted in connection with the torture and abuse of inmates at Abu Ghraib prison back in 2005 – not exactly suitable subject-matter for a witty performance poem. My only other option was to write a poem loosely inspired by a piece about bookmakers at a greyhound racetrack. Hmmmm…..

If you want to hear what I finally came up with, you can listen again for one week only by clicking on the link on the Saturday Live website.

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