This past weekend was about as close to ideal as it’s possible to get! On Saturday, I headed east into the Malverns to seek out some snow as it may be the last chance I get in a long while to walk in my favourite kind of wintry landscape. Had an exhilarating walk along the ridge, along with my partner and our hyper-excited young Labrador who relishes the snow as much as me – although I draw the line at rolling in it and eating it!

Then on Sunday, it was my afternoon-tea-with-poetry event at Waterloo Gardens Tearoom where printmaker Pat Gregory and I have been exhibiting our art/poetry collaboration, Up There Where the Air is Rarefied throughout the month of February. To my delight, the event was a sell-out and audience members munched on sandwiches, scones and cake (including my favourite – sweet potato and mixed berries) while I performed some of the poems and Pat spoke about our collaborative process and the theme of the exhibition.

Performance photos are never very flattering – I always seem to be caught mid-gurn! – but I like the fact that in this one, you can see the extensive range of teas that the Tearoom offers on the shelves behind me (current favourite = peppermint-rooibos).

Only a few days remain now until we take the exhibition down at the end of the month – the time seems to have whizzed by – but I’m happy to report that we have another gallery lined up, elsewhere in Wales, for the exhibition and accompanying performances/talks later in the year. I’ll reveal more in a few months’ time…

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  1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth. I'm glad the prints and poems have reached you safely. I was really touched that our very dear mutual friend wanted to make a gift of them to you and your brother. And I really appreciate that you've made contact!

  2. A dear friend of mine who lives in Wales sent two of Pat Gregory and your poetry/art collaborations (one for my brother and one for me). They are fantastic. I am grateful to her for the gifts and to the two of you for your creative work. The one for my brother is "Who's Afraid?" and mine is the marvelous "Nerrivik." I am nearly 180 from Arctic, in a Longleaf pine forest in the panhandle of Florida, where we dine often on sweet potatoes.

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