Still feeling a bit underpowered post-virus, so taking a break from packing (will be away for a few days in Cornwall from tomorrow) to catch up on blog stuff.

Starting to realise that my enforced period of rest has been useful in lots of ways. My head’s decluttered and some poems that I was really struggling to shift pre-virus are cantering along nicely now. The beginnings of an idea for a brand new project have also eased their way through to the front of my brain – much more reflection’s needed but I’m feeling tentatively excited about it!

Pleased, too, to have a poem in the latest issue of The Seventh Quarry, edited by Peter Thabit-Jones. And über-pleased to have a workshop and reading confirmed for a festival in May, about which I’ll write a longer post later.

Okay. That’s it for now. Back to the rucksack…

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