Have got a few broadcast-y things from the last couple of weeks to mention.

First off, at the beginning of the month, I did one of my regular review-the-Sunday-papers and chat-about-the events-of-the-week slots, as a guest on the live Radio Wales chat show, Something Else. This time, topics ranged from the Ryder Cup to the increasing popularity of beauty products for men to a new survey suggesting that mid-life crises now start at the age of 35… I love being a guest on this programme – it’s a real treat to have the opportunity to sound off about irritating/frustrating/ludicrous news stories for an entire hour! I’ve been doing the show for about six years now, I think. This time, my fellow guests were adult education tutor Debra Perry and food critic and restaurateur Simon Wright.

Then more recently – this past Saturday, in fact – I had one of my resident poet slots on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live. The studio guest was singer-songwriter Edwyn Collins, formerly with seventies/eighties band Orange Juice, who suffered a life-threatening stroke in 2005 but who has fought back to make a remarkable, not to say inspirational, recovery. My longer end-of-show poem was therefore about overcoming adversity, while my topical short poem at the start of the show focused on the feel-good news story of the week – the rescue of the Chilean miners after sixty-nine days underground.

If you’re interested, you can listen to the whole show, including my poems, here. And you can check out the gallery of photos of studio guests and regular resident poets from all the programmes from the past couple of years too.

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