Every couple of months I’m a guest on the BBC Radio Wales Sunday morning talk show, Something Else, presented by writer and political broadcaster Patrick Hannan. Yesterday was a Something Else Sunday, which meant getting myself to the Beeb by 9 am to go through the papers with my two fellow guests so as to decide what topics we’d talk about when we went on air at 11.

I really enjoy doing live radio – over the years that I’ve been doing it (nearly four years now, I think), I’ve had to learn to think on my feet and offer opinions on all manner of subjects, even those I never imagined I had an opinion about! It’s great to have permission to sound off about the subjects that matter a lot to me too. And I always enjoy meeting the other guests – yesterday, I was joined by training consultant Tim Brown and writer/actor Boyd Clack. It all felt very relaxed – almost as if we were chatting and tossing around ideas at a dinner party – I just hope that’s how it came across to listeners!

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