Just starting to get my breath back after last week’s workshopping, exhibition-hanging, performing, train travelling, festival visiting… Here are a few of the highlights:

1) On Tuesday, I offered an eco-poetry performance at Swansea’s Environment Centre, organised by Keith Ross of Swansea Green Party. The audience was attentive and enthusiastic and I especially enjoyed the lively, post-performance discussion. I also appreciated the thunderous, beautifully-timed rain-on-the-roof sound effects just as I was performing Never Forgets, my protest-poem about the illegal trade in elephant ivory, which contains the line ‘that drumming you hear isn’t rain’!

2) Thanks to the day spent hanging work in the gallery of Theatr Brycheiniog in Brecon, the latest Where the Air is Rarefied exhibition, featuring Pat Gregory’s prints and my poems, is now on and can be viewed until October 4th. Many of the original prints that feature in our recently-published joint collection are on sale, as are a range of digital prints.

3) On Saturday, I travelled up to Yorkshire, to Saltaire, for Arctic-ulate, my latest Polar Poets gig with Siobhan Logan. This was a joint British Science Festival/Saltaire Festival event. In the photo above, we’d just gained access to our Shipley College venue, had set up all the technical equipment and were starting to think about doing a run-through of our show – since we live so far apart, rehearsal time, in the pre-show hours, is precious indeed.

I wish there’d been the time/opportunity to check out more events from both Festivals but I did at least have a couple of hours on Sunday in which to wander along the canal and explore some of the UNESCO World Heritage site before the long train journey back to Cardiff.

2 responses to “The Busy-ness of Last Week

  1. Yes, busy indeed, but it's all about gigs these days, I fear. It's a good thing people like us are such hams 🙂
    I'm still hoping we can do something together one of these days. And if you see a trip to London in your plans sometimes, let me know, not only so I can see you, but also so that I can out you in touch with Afele Ward and get you on the Swiss Cottage Library docket, which is turning into a terrific series of readings.

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