Just spent a lovely few hours with the hugely talented jazz trumpeter and vocalist Sue Richardson – yes, she shares my name! We first met a few years ago at one of Sue’s gigs – she was playing at a festival in the Vale of Glamorgan and I spoke about always having wanted to collaborate with a jazz musician, while she expressed the wish to work with a poet-lyricist.

We’ve since kept in contact and wrote our first song together last year. I was thrilled and touched that Sue came all the way to Cardiff from Sussex for the launch of Creatures of the Intertidal Zone, while I had a fantastic time at Sue’s Albert Hall gig which opened the 2007 London Jazz Festival and coincided with the launch of her wonderful second CD, Emergence.

Today, Sue was on her way back from a very successful tribute gig in Swansea, as guest trumpeter with the Humphrey Lyttleton Band. It was great to see her again and to chat about ideas for our next collaboration. The fact that we have the same name is an added bonus and will, we hope, offer a quirky marketing angle if and when we eventually get enough material together for a CD!

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