Well, National (though I guess it should be ‘International’ considering that poets from across the globe, and not just the States, have been participating) Poetry Writing Month is over for another year. I managed to meet the poem-a-day challenge and am chuffed to have a pile of rough first drafts here in front of me on my desk where, a month ago, there were none! Most need a huge amount of editing and reworking of course; some felt forced at the time of writing and I’m not even sure if it’s worth returning to them…

But there were a few days around the 20th of the month when I felt completely focused and ‘in the zone’. The poems just seemed to stream out – six in two days, I think. Wish I knew why – it would be great to be able to recreate the conditions which might make that kind of writing possible on a more regular basis. It wasn’t as if I had extra time or space in which to write – bizarrely, the gush of poems came when I was at my most frenetically busy.

Best not to analyse and try to make sense of it perhaps – best just to be glad that it happened!

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  1. America is funny in that way. What is truly America and American almost only, they call international. The World Wrestling Federation. And what is truly international… It’s just one of those quirks we may have to live with.

    The World Series (baseball).

    Bravo for this past month. Like my pals, I can’t wait to see the finished product(s).

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