Yesterday’s gig was at the Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution – I was guest poet at the monthly meeting of Uni-verse, a poetry series organised by the Bath Stanza rep for the Poetry Society, Nikki Bennett-Willetts. I had one-hour-and-twenty-minutes to fill and after getting past my initial alarm (‘who on earth is going to want to listen to me reading poetry for that length of time?’), I began to relax and enjoy it. The audience was made up of both readers and writers of poetry – a really attentive and enthusiastic group who were keen to discuss and ask questions. It was good to have time to chat individually with many of them too, plus I managed to sell quite a few copies of Creatures of the Intertidal Zone which is always pleasing!

The pleasure of the occasion was slightly dampened by the fact that I had a two-hour train delay on the way home. And today’s another busy day as Pat (my visual art collaborator) and I are hanging our exhibition in preparation for our opening on Saturday. In fact, I’d better head off to the gallery right now, else I’m going to be late….

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  1. I’m feeling very overwhelmed at the moment…and tired…but, like you, I’m really trying to relish everything too. It’s been great to read about your recent theatre project – and wonderful that you also have more book signings coming up!

  2. It’s wonderful to see how busy you are and how full of art your life is!! Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed by how much I’m doing (and that happens a lot lately), I remind myself that my goal was always to spend my days in pursuit of my art. And now I’m doing it…and so are you!

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