I recently became a member of the VINE project – Values in Nature and the Environment – which is an organisation for people involved in, and/or concerned about, nature conservation, with the aim of developing ‘a philosophy that will provide an ethical basis for the decisions we make about conservation issues in the UK’. Rather than hiding ‘behind the anonymity of scientific jargon’, VINE members are also exploring ways in which art and literature can contribute to the development of this philosophy.

VINE hosts a lively and dynamic discussion group and there’s also a section of the website which contains ‘images, writing and references that we find particularly inspiring, thought provoking and reaffirming in the context of our work as nature conservationists – and in the rest of our lives too’. Several poems from Creatures of the Intertidal Zone have recently been added to this section of the site and you can read a range of other nature-inspired poems and personal philosophies of nature conservation there too.

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  1. Thanks so much for your feedback, peonymoon. I’ve been fascinated by (and in awe of!) arctic tern migration for a long time.

    Mistlethrush – I’m glad you enjoyed the Envoi reviews – and have decided to buy Wildscape. I’ve always really enjoyed Kenneth Steven’s work.

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