Back from another week of workshopping and walking in West Wales. Got very wet and very wind-thrashed – but also got further inspiration for my sequence of island poems by visiting Caldey which has been of spiritual significance since the sixth century and is now inhabited by a community of Cistercian monks. My wildlife highlight of the week was spotting Atlantic grey seals and bottlenose dolphins from the Ceredigion Coast Path near Newquay, a stretch that I’ve never walked before. Did a lovely walk at dusk one evening too – as you can see from the photo, there was a full moon and, for once, neither I nor my dog felt so much as a single dribble of rain!

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  1. Mistlethrush – at the moment it’s a sequence of haiku. I’m obsessed with this form at the moment – though have far from mastered it. Do you write haiku at all?

    Jarod – thank you for visiting. Yes, it’s a really inspiring place.

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