I have a new window in my study. This is not a subject that I’d usually be compelled to blog about except for the fact that it’s a very special window. Special to me, anyway, as an artist friend of a friend has added a short quote from one of the poems in Creatures of the Intertidal Zone to the topmost pane!

The quote comes from ‘Waiting at the Breathing Hole’ and though I usually feel dissatisfied with my poems after they’ve been published, wishing I could have written much better, this is one that I actually still like quite a lot! It’s Greenland-inspired – an experience of husky sledding and pausing at the rim of a seal’s breathing hole becomes a metaphor for writer’s block or, indeed, any kind of block we may come up against in life. It’s about the need for patience and trusting in the fact that inspiration will always, somehow or other, surge to the surface.


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  1. Thank you, coastcard, for your comments. I’m fascinated to hear more about the Tate St Ives artistic ‘window’. Every time I’ve been to St Ives (most recently in May), the Tate has been shut! I always enjoy the Barbara Hepworth museum and sculpture garden though.

  2. Your window is a striking symbiosis of word and artistic design: I love it!

    I am reminded of another artistic ‘window’ (in inverted commas as the artwork was actually in front of the window), which looked out from the fabulous Tate St Ives building on to the silver sands …

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