Just received some lovely news from Pont Books, an imprint of Gomer Press, who published an anthology, Poems of Love and Longing, last year, in which a five-poem sequence of mine features. Pont forwarded to me, and the other nine contributors, the following email from the International Youth Library in Munich:

My colleagues and I are delighted to inform you that your anthology, Poems of Love and Longing…is one of the 250 outstanding new international books for children and young adults that have been selected for The White Ravens 2009 from the thousands of books that our library received as review copies from publishers, authors, illustrators, and organisations from all over the world within the last year.

After doing some googling, I found out a little more information about The White Raven label: it’s apparently ‘given to books that deserve worldwide attention because of their universal themes and/or their exceptional and often innovative artistic and literary style and design.’

Such a nice surprise!

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