Clare Pollard’s adjudicator’s report for the 2008 Frogmore Poetry Prize is now up on the Frogmore Press website. I was thrilled to be second runner-up in this competition with ‘Who’s Afraid?’ – and even more so when I saw the quality of the other winning entries. I was especially pleased to see that a fellow Cinnamon poet, Jane McKie, made the shortlist – her debut collection , Morocco Rococo, is highly recommended.

Clare speaks of ‘Who’s Afraid?’ as ‘a funny, fresh, cartoon of a poem ‘ – this is exactly the tone I was aiming at but I wasn’t sure if I’d managed to pull it off. So I’m very happy to get this feedback!

9 responses to “Who’s Afraid?

  1. Susan, this is truly a wonderful poem! I love surprising rhymes and the play between fairy tale and reality. Congratulations! And thanks for pointing out the adjudicator’s statement. Lots to think about there….

  2. Russell – thank you for your comment.

    And thanks to you too, Mistlethrush. I also reviewed Morocco Rococo! (That’s the second time we’ve had a volume in common!)

    Not sure what I’ll be entering next. What about you?

  3. Congratulations on the win – strong poem. Well deserved.

    Good to see Caroline Price up there as well, another of my favourite poets. I agree with you about Morocco Rococo – I was lucky enough to be asked to review it.

    So what’s the next competition you’re entering…?

  4. oh congratulations, Susan and its a brilliant poem, clever, light yet with a lot to say, I particularly like the way it links human issues with natural issues (which may give me an excuse for linking to it in a fortcoming post of mine if you don’t mind). The ending is perfect too.

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