Got back from the Fort William Mountain Festival late on Monday night – a thoroughly wonderful trip, about which I’ll be blogging in detail later in the week.

For now, here’s a brief post about WISE – Women in Sustainability and the Environment, an organisation that was founded by environmental lawyer Polly Higgins. As is stated on the WISE website:

We want more female voices within the environmental movement – more of us learning, connecting and doing. It is time now for more females to be informed, become influential spokespersons and promoters of the solutions required to mitigate climate change, to address peak oil, to implement renewable energy, to push for a seismic shift in consciousness that recognises that we owe a duty of care to our wild and beautiful planet. To work with, push for and be part of the solutions.

One of the many areas in which WISE is currently active is in the compiling of a speaker database. I’m really happy to have been included in the database, offering both ecopoetry performances and talks on using the arts as a means of raising awareness of, and inspiring action on, environmental issues.

The database contains such an inspirational collection of women – I feel honoured to be in their company – do take a look.

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